One of the most exciting events at the Game Awards this year was the unveiling of Hideo Kojima's next game. He's been teasing us on social media for months now, and speculation was wild as to what it was. A new mind-bending IP from gaming's most prominent auteur?


Turns out it was a sequel to 2019's trippy delivery sim Death Stranding all along, which is massive news for fans of Sam Bridges's apocalyptic world.

Star Norman Reedus hinted at a sequel back in May, but the confirmation feels glorious. As for what the story is all about, we can only speculate from what we've seen, but it's exciting nonetheless, just to know we'll be returning to such an original world, created by the inimitable mind of Kojima.

If you're wondering what the game's going to be all about, and when we'll get to play it, keep reading. We're going to share everything we know about Death Stranding 2 below.

When is the Death Stranding 2 release date?

We have absolutely zilch on release date news at the moment, so we can only speculate. At the Game Awards, Kojima suggested that the release date was fairly near.

If we take this into account, and how polished the trailer is, we're going to hedge our bets on a 2024 release. Don't take our word for it, though!

Can I pre-order Death Stranding 2?

As expected, there's no option to pre-order the game just yet, but we'll update this page as soon as anything changes!

Which consoles and platforms can play Death Stranding 2?

Like the first one, and the Metal Gear Solid series before it, Death Stranding 2 will be a PlayStation exclusive at launch. That means initially it will be released on PlayStation 5.

However, as the first Death Stranding eventually came out on PC, we expect this may happen with the sequel at some point.

Death Stranding 2 gameplay and story details

As of writing, there has been no footage or information regarding Death Stranding 2's gameplay. However, the knowledge that it's still built using the Decima engine gives us high hopes.

As for the story, we can only speculate from the cryptic trailer (typical of Kojima), and where the last one left off. The trailer suggests locations that might not be part of the USA of the previous game, and the main central characters are returning.

If this sequel will turn things on their heads as much as Metal Gear Solid 2 did, then we're absolutely here for it. Elle Fanning is a welcome talent, too!

Is there a Death Stranding 2 trailer?

There is a Death Stranding 2 trailer, and a mind-bending one at that. It was unveiled at the Game Awards, and we'll share it below.

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