Now that the Dead Space remake is finally here, fans are already wondering if there will be a Dead Space 2 remake. It’s only natural that you’ll want to play through the rest of Isaac Clarke’s story after finishing the first game’s remake – it is that good.


New fans of the series might be surprised to learn that there was a sequel to Dead Space. The second mainline game released back in 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. In fact, there are three mainline games in the survival horror franchise, with Dead Space 3 releasing on the same platforms in 2013.

Dead Space 2 was a very-well received game upon its release, with the game earning an aggregate score of 87 (PC), 89 (PS3), and 90 (Xbox 360) out of 100 on Metacritic. A remake would be great.

Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake? Read on to find out everything we know, including what the developers might have said and how to play the original Dead Space 2 if you can’t be bothered to wait for a remake.

Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake?

As of writing, EA has not announced a Dead Space 2 remake. Given that the remake of the original game has just released, this news is not too surprising. Thanks to an Easter egg in the remake, though, EA Motive could potentially be pointing towards a remake of Dead Space 2.

After completing the remake and booting up a New Game Plus save, you will see some new text logs that weren’t there before. These text logs feature a conversation between two of the game’s characters and they specifically mention looking for new employment and working at the Sprawl on Titan. The Sprawl on Titan, for those unaware, is a location from Dead Space 2.

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This could just be a cheeky nod to what’s happening next in the series, but it could be hinting at development starting on a remake for the sequel. Time will tell, of course, and a lot of it depends on how well the remake of the original Dead Space performs. For now, though, you can at least play Dead Space 2 easily in 2023.

How to play Dead Space 2 in 2023

You can play Dead Space 2 easily in 2023 on the Xbox Series X/S (or Xbox One) and on PC. The game is available for purchase digitally on the Microsoft Store and is fully functional on the latest Xbox consoles.

If you’d rather play it on PC, Steam has you covered. It’s also available to play as part of EA Play, meaning it’s on Xbox Game Pass, too, along with Dead Space 3 so you can play through the entirety of Isaac Clarke’s horrific adventures.

If physical copies of games are more your thing, you might find a copy of the 360 original on Amazon (the disc should still work fine on your Series X). You’ll also find it on CeX for as little as £2.

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