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Apex Legends season 14 release date, new character, patch notes & map

Meet Vantage and visit the reforged Kings Canyon.

Get ready for Apex Legends Season 14.
Published: Monday, 8th August 2022 at 1:35 pm
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The Apex Legends Season 14 release date is nearly here, and the countdown is very much on as the update's launch time approaches for fans in the UK and beyond.


Going by the cool codename Hunted, the new Apex Legends season will introduce a 'reforged' Kings Canyon map as well as increasing the level cap and bringing a new character named Vantage into the lineup of playable Legends.

To help you wrap your head around all the big changes that this week's Apex Legends update will bring, we've compiled the ultimate guide that covers all of the incoming patch notes. Read on to learn all about Apex Legends Season 14!

Apex Legends Season 14 release date

The Apex Legends Season 14 release date is Tuesday 9th August 2022, the developers from Respawn have confirmed. From that date, you should be able to jump in and enjoy all the new content that the Hunted update has to offer.

What time does Apex Legends Season 14 come out?

The exact launch time for Apex Legends Season 14 is yet to be revealed by Respawn or EA, but judging by past form we would hope to see the new content dropping at roughly 6pm in the UK. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer than that!

Apex Legends Season 14 new character: Meet Vantage

Vantage, the new Apex Legends character for season 14.
Vantage, the new Apex Legends character for season 14. Respawn

We'll need to update our list of Apex Legends characters soon, because a new legend will be introduced to the game to mark the start of Apex Legends Season 14.

Nicknamed Vantage, the new legend's real name is Xiomara 'Mara' Contreras. She's a skilled sniper who grew up on the planet Págos and "learned the hard way to become the ultimate survivor".

In terms of her special moves, she's got three. Her Tactical is called Echo Relocation, her Passive is called Spotter's Lens, and her Ultimate is called Sniper's Mark.

Apex Legends Season 14 patch notes & level cap increase

Early Apex Legends Season 14 patch notes are in abundance here, with Respawn dropping a bountiful harvest of details ahead of the update's release.

On the game's official website (click that link to see it for yourself), Respawn has promised a "reforged" Kings Canyon map, an increased level cap, and of course a new battle pass for Season 14. And on top of that, the developers have also promised that "many bugs and bad end circles" will be fixed in the update.

The new Apex Legends level cap might be the biggest benefit for long-term players. Allowing people to loop through levels one to 500 four times, this change will essentially increase the level cap in the game to a staggering 2,000.

Apex Legends Season 14 map: Kings Canyon "reforged"

Your first look at the Apex Legends season 14 map changes for Kings Canyon.
Your first look at the Apex Legends Season 14 map changes for Kings Canyon. Respawn/EA

There's already a whole blog post from Respawn about the Kings Canyon map changes, which covers everything from new points of interest to lighting upgrades.

The main new point of interest is called Relic, which aims to stop the map feeling small, as well as trying to "bring back gameplay that many players loved from the original Kings Canyon, but with a POI more appropriately sized for the overall health of the map."

Pre-existing points of interest including Cage, Hillside and Relay have been tweaked as well, which should help to make the Kings Canyon map feel fresh. There have also been changes to rotations and loot drops, as well as a "big upgrade" to the map's lighting and visuals. You'll also notice a new raised walkway, two new sets of stairs and a pair of new zip lines.

Apex Legends Season 14 trailer

Check out the Apex Legends Season 14 trailer below and you'll get a nice overview of what's new, as well as a glimpse at some post-update gameplay footage. While you wait for the Apex Legends Season 14 release date on 9th August, take a look at this:

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