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Animal Crossing Spring Bamboo guide: How to get it, season dates & DIY Craft recipes

Get it while you can!

spring bamboo animal crossing
Published: Thursday, 25th February 2021 at 1:18 pm

The snow may be gone and all your snowfolk may have melted away, but that does not mean that the fun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming to end – far from it.


As well as the Animal Crossing Mario update, Spring is also the season for young spring bamboo and along with it comes numerous new things that you can craft to give your virtual island a chic edge.

But where can you get the bamboo, what can you use it for, and can you only get it at certain times? Here is all you need to know about the latest you can do on the Nintendo Switch in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How do you get a young spring bamboo in Animal Crossing?

animal crossing axe bamboo

Young spring bamboo season begins February 25th to May 31st in the Northern Hemisphere or August 25th to November 30th in the Southern Hemisphere.

Good news if you love wandering around your island brandishing an axe because that is exactly what you will need to do. Just find a bamboo tree and get hack happy! As for where to find a tree, well you either need to have one grown on your island already using a bamboo shoot or jet off to a random mystery island using your Nook Miles Tickets and find one there.

What do you do with young spring bamboo in Animal Crossing?

Crafting is the ultimate goal here and you will be able to craft some great items with some young spring bamboo in your arsenal. There are several new types of furniture that can be made, and you can also craft yourself a bamboo wand!

And a good tip for getting more to craft more items is to have your own bamboo tree farm. And there is a way to make this process a lot quicker too, by heading to a random island and digging up trees to plant back at your own virtual home. Just make sure you eat fruit to be able to have the energy to do so.

Can you plant young spring bamboo?

You can plant young spring bamboo where you have set up your farm and they too will turn into bamboo. As for where is best to have a farm, just pick somewhere with enough space – simple!

Can I get young spring bamboo out of season?

The official dates for picking up young spring bamboo are February 25th to May 31st in the Northern Hemisphere or August 25th to November 30th in the Southern Hemisphere. But that does not mean you cannot get any outside of these dates as there are workarounds.

If you have a friend in a different hemisphere, you can jet off to their island and get some that way, or you can look into trading with other players who have hoarded a lot of it and may need something that you have acquired. You can also trade with a player who has stockpiled bamboo in their home storage.

Alternatively, good old time travel is another way forward so just head to the above dates depending on where you are. If you're heading to the Northern Hemisphere try March, April or May, for Southern Hemisphere try September, October or November.

Young bamboo DIY Crafting Recipes

shoot lamp animal crossing

There are lots of items that you will be able to craft with young spring bamboo from tools to accessories, but each will require a different amount of bamboo to get the job done. Here is the lowdown of what you can make and how much you will need:

To make sure you can craft all the recipes you'll need a fair bit of bamboo. We've totalled up exactly what you need:

  • Steamer-Basket Set - 6 Young Spring Bamboo
  • Bamboo-Shoot Lamp -4 Young Spring Bamboo, 5 Bamboo Shoot, 4 Clay
  • Bamboo Doll - 6 Young Spring Bamboo
  • Bamboo Noodle Slide - 7 Young Spring Bamboo, 3 wood
  • Green-Leaf Pile - 1 Young Spring Bamboo, 10 Clumps of Weeds
  • Basket Pack - 6 Young Spring Bamboo
  • Pan Flute - 7 Young Spring Bamboo
  • Bamboo Wand - 6 Young Spring Bamboo, 3 Star Fragment
  • Bamboo Grove Wall - 7 Young Spring Bamboo, 3 Bamboo Shoot
  • Light Bamboo Rug - 6 Young Spring Bamboo

How much bamboo do you need to craft all the recipes?

If you want to just collect all you will need and then start crafting rather than doing it individually, here is how much of everything that you will need to collect.

  • Young Spring Bamboo - 56
  • Bamboo Shoot - 8
  • Clay - 4
  • Clumps of Weed - 10
  • Star Fragment - 3
  • Wood - 3

How to get and learn young spring bamboo DIY recipes

Isabelle's Morning Announcements

Good old Isabelle will come in handy here with her morning announcements. She should send the Bamboo Noodle DIY Recipe to your NookPhone while the season is active and you can use what she sends to craft your items. If you're wondering when the announcements happen, there's varying info on this - but it seems as long as you don't have any other important announcements it'll happen.

Flying Balloons

Also, keep an eye out for the flying balloons and have your slingshot ready as these are always great ways of getting the recipes and all ten are possible to get using this method. There's no way to know what one you will get though so you may get duplicates, the best thing is to keep trying. You can also sell on any duplicates.

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