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Among Us Airship map release date: How to try the new map, and what time it goes live

Prepare to look for sus activity and imposters all over again - now with your very own account.

Among Us presents The Airship.
Published: Wednesday, 31st March 2021 at 3:23 pm

Among Us became a surprise lockdown hit during the second half of 2020, and now the game is getting a brand new map.


The social deduction game was originally released in 2018, but only received mainstream attention after becoming popular with streamers last year. This prompted developers InnerSloth to commit to continuous improvements and support for the game.

Now Among Us is getting one of its biggest updates so far in the form of a new Among Us map, and you can learn all about it here.

When is the Among Us Airship map released?

The Among Us team from InnerSloth released the new Airship map on 31st March 2021. In a Tweet posted just after 9pm UK time, from the game's official account, the developers confirmed that the update is now live and available in the game.

A further brace of Tweets confirmed that the developers are working on fixing some bugs and glitches in the update. The issues listed include shaky lobbies, Google auth not working, iOS shadows going funny, and the EU servers having a tough time (probably due to being overloaded). The game's Twitter account also links to a Google Doc where you can find updates on their progress with various bug fixes.

What is the Among Us Airship map?

The Airship is a new fourth map, available for the viral hit Among Us. First revealed at The Game Awards 2020, The Airship adds new tasks, ladders leading to different levels, and the ability to choose a new starting room after each meeting.

However, far more is included in the update than the new map - the game will allow you to make an account for the first time, complete with an overhauled moderation system, parental controls, the option to add friends, and the ability to transfer cosmetics between devices. Speaking of cosmetics, the update also brings several new hat options - including heart, unicorn, angry eyebrows, and chocolate ice cream.

How can I play the Among Us Airship map?

The Airship map comes in a free update on every platform - including PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The game is cross-platform between all devices, with a planned release for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S expected later in 2021.

Basically, then, you should be able to find the new map when you next log onto the game. You should be prompted to download an update next time you try to play, and then, once you've installed the update, Airship should be available to choose from the list of maps.

Among Us tasks: List of things to do on the Airship map

Check out this screengrab of the Among Us Airship map.

Further to the image above, which provides a proper look at the layout of this sizeable new map, the following list of tasks has also been doing the rounds online. These are the things that you might be asked to do in each room of the Among Us Airship:


  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Reset Breakers (7/7)
  • Divert Power to Gap Room (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Showers (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Cockpit (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Mail Hall (2/2

Meeting Room

  • Empty Garbage (2/2)
  • Enter ID Code
  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)

Engine Room

  • Fix Wiring (3/3)

Gap Room

  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
  • Stabilize Steering (2/2)


  • Put Away Pistols
  • Put Away Rifles


  • Sort Records (4/4)
  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Rewind Tapes

Viewing Deck

  • Fix Wiring (3/3)

Main Hall

  • Decontaminate
  • Develop Photos


  • Clean Toilet
  • Fix Wiring (3/3)


  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
  • Ventilation
  • Start Fans (2/2)


  • Empty Garbage (2/2)


  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Empty Garbage (2/2)

Cargo Bay

  • Fuel Engines
  • Unlock Safe


  • Polish Ruby
  • Download Data (2/2)
  • Dress Mannequin


  • Upload Data (2/2)

Additional Tasks

  • Fix Lights (%)
  • Avert Crash Course (in limited time)(2/2)

Note: the numbers and symbols in brackets represent how each task is tracked, and how many times you need to do each task in order for it to be complete. Now that you've read all of that, you should be in a great position to jump into the Among Us Airship map!

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