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Apple iOS 14 release date: when is the next iOS update?

A new Apple update has arrived - here’s everything you need to know about iOS 14.

iOS 14 update
Published: Wednesday, 16th September 2020 at 6:05 pm

Apple has just revealed a range of new products that will be coming out across the next couple of months. And, while the iPhone 12 release date was notably absent from the steady line of new iPad and Apple Watch reveals, we are getting a new iOS update while we wait.


The news of a new iPhone software update was announced at the 2020 Apple Event last night (15th September) along with an almost immediate release date.

As one of the most major software updates Apple has done, iOS 14 is set to completely rearrange how you organise your apps, home screen and group conversations.

When is the Apple iOS 14 update being released? 

The Apple iOS 14 update was released on 16th September and is one of Apple’s biggest software updates ever. 

The new update is compatible with any iPhone that currently works with iOS 13, which includes older models like the iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE. 

A new update for iPads – iPadOS 14 – is also being released on the same day. Both new releases, the iPad 8 and iPad Air 4, will come with this new software update pre-installed. 

The iPad 8 is available to preorder now starting at £379 and will be released on 18th September. Unfortunately, the iPad Air 4 won’t be available until October but pricing will start at £579 for Wi-Fi only models.

What will the iOS 14 update look like? 

As part of the iOS 14 update, Apple have completely redesigned the layout of the home screen, added an 'App Library' and made incoming calls less disruptive.

You will also find new features within Apple Maps and messages, and adjustments to audio should mean AirPod users should now enjoy a cinema-like experience while watching videos on their phone.

Here is a quick overview of some of the key

Home screen

iOS 14 update

The Home Screen has been redesigned to show users the apps they need depending on the time of day. Using what Apple calls a "Smart Stack" of widgets, on-device intelligence will make the right widget show based on time, location, or activity. For example, the news and weather widgets would be more prominent in the morning and replaced by a fitness summary in the evening.

Apple have also designed a new space called the App Library, which gathers all your apps in one place. This is searchable and will push your most-used apps to the top.

Calls and Messages

Incoming FaceTime and phone calls will no longer take up your whole screen. Instead, they will now appear in a banner at the top of your screen to be less disruptive.

Within Messages, you can now pin important conversations to the top of your message list. There is also now the ability to reply in threads to messages within bigger group conversations so that the whole group isn't bombarded with notifications when they don't need to be.

Apple Maps


Finally, cycling directions will be added to Apple Maps and will including information on elevation, any steps and how busy a street is.

Those with an electric car will also be able to see where charging ports are along their route.


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