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Apple Event 2020: UK time, how to watch and what to expect from iPhone 12 to iPad

All the news we're expecting from Apple Watch 6 to iPad Air 4, and why there's probably no iPhone 12

Apple Event

It’s not September without an Apple reveal presentation – and today (15th September) is finally the big day to see their latest creations in all their glory.


While it may be completely virtual this year, the technology giant is pressing on with their annual look at the latest gadgets and gizmos they’ve been cooking up in Silicon Valley, with pretty much all their trademark devices set to receive a 2020 update.

The big draw was, of course, the long-rumoured iPhone 12, said to come with an all-new design, 5G connectivity, and a LIDAR sensor. However, a recent Apple Event leak suggests that this year’s iPhone will miss it’s traditional September unveiling – meaning we may well have to wait until October to get a glimpse of the latest iteration of the iconic smartphone.

That’s not to say there won’t be plenty of exciting new tech to geek out over, as Apple now has an entire family of interconnected devices to improve and upgrade.  The event’s name ‘Time Flies’ tactfully suggests that an update for the Apple Watch will be the focus of the presentation, as well as new iPads, AirTags, and possibly even a mysterious ‘One More Thing’ reveal. This is all, of course, just in time for Black Friday 2020 – always a great time to get the latest Apple tech on offer.

So strap in Apple aficionados, tech lovers, and iPhone users alike – it’s going to be a big one.

What time is Apple Event 2020?

Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ September event will take place today (15th September) at 6pm UK Time (1pm ET/10am PT).

How to watch Apple Event 2020

The presentation will be livestreamed from both Apple’s website and Apple’s YouTube channel. Those with an Apple device – which we imagine would be most people watching this event – can watch through the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV.

Read on for what to expect.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

With Apple’s September 2020 event being marketed as ‘Time Flies’, it seems a new Apple Watch may well replace the iPhone 12 as the centrepiece of their reveal presentation.

Almost certainly called the Apple Watch Series 6 – Apple likes their numbers – Apple’s latest wearable technology is rumoured to include a focus on health features, including blood oxygen level detection and better ECG capabilities for improved heart rate monitoring. There’ll also be a faster processor, sleep tracking capabilities and, of course, all-new colour and case combinations.

Can’t wait for the Series 6? We’ve rounded up some of the Apple Watch deals in a full list.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

Yes, that’s right – after the popularity of the iPhone SE earlier this year, Apple looks to be making more affordable options for all of their devices.

Much like the iPhone SE, this new Apple Watch is said to be using an older model’s design – reportedly the Series 4 – but will have slightly more modern internals and a few new features not available on the Series 4. Details are sparse on which features exactly the Apple Watch SE will offer, though an ECG and always-on display are apparently off the table – which would at least benefit battery life.

Like most Apple Watches, the SE is expected to come in the choice of two sizes as well as GPS and cellular editions.

iPad Air 4

Black Friday, Apple iPad Pro Silver
Apple iPad Pro Silver, Apple

Apple has a few iPad lines on the go now, but it’s the popular mid-range Air series that looks to be getting an upgrade.

Very little is known about the iPad Air 4 and even rumours are inconclusive, but likely new features include an 11-inch screen, a faster processor and four stereo speakers on the rear. There is also speculation that the iPad Air 4 could ditch the home button and move to FaceID like the recent iPhones, and may even follow the lead of the iPad Pro and swap the lightning charger to USB-C.

Overall expect the new iPad Air to borrow a few of the iPad Pro’s features, including a new design reminiscent of the high-end tablet including slim bezels for a greater emphasis on the screen.

iPad 8

iPad (2018)
iPad (2018)

The standard iPad always gets less love than its Air and Pro cousins, but with the release of the iPhone SE and possible the Apple Watch SE it seems Apple is doubling down on budget-friendly devices with powerful performance.

Unlike the iPad Air 4, the eighth generation iPad is not thought to be getting much of a design upgrade, with the focus on the internals – the A12 processor will give the iPad 8 a huge speed boost over its predecessors, and an increase in base storage to 64GB will provide more room for apps and media.

The only change to the design is rumoured to be slimmer bezels – which would increase the screen size from the iPad 7’s 10.2inch screen to 10.8inches.

Apple AirTags

apple airtags

Some brand new hardware coming from Apple, Apple AirTags are tracker accessories that work much like the existing Tiles. The idea is that you clip the tag to a valuable – e.g. a wallet or bag – and then the tag can then be tracked on an iOS app, similar to the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.

This being Apple, however, AirTags are rumoured to do far more than track nearby items. There is rumoured to be an AR mode, allowing misplaced AirTags to appear on your camera as balloons, as well as a ‘Lost Mode’ that can use other iPhones to find items out of range.

AirTags have been rumoured since 2019 and were accidentally confirmed by Apple in a support video in April 2020, suggesting a release can’t be too far off – with no better time than the accompanying launch of the iPhone 12.

But while other brands, such as Tiles, have opted to use Bluetooth for their tracking ability, Apple has decided to go with the U1 Ultra Wideband sensor. In short, that will make it a far more powerful and effective tracking device and should ensure that it leads the way against its competitors.

iPhone 12
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Ah, the never-ending cycle of next-gen iPhone rumours. Apple has revealed next-to-nothing about the iPhone 12 line-up, but that hasn’t stopped a steady succession of leaks, hearsay and speculation.

Rumours suggest that Apple will launch four iPhones for the first time, with the two premium models sporting a LIDAR sensor that maps out the physical environment for better pictures and camera effects. However, all four models are thought to have new features such as a super-speedy new A14 processor, 5G capability and a new squared-off design. There have also been reports of new colours for the iPhone 12 as well as a surprising price leak.

However, Apple CFO Luca Maestri announced in July that the iPhone 12 will be released a few weeks later than usual. This puts the smartphone on track for an October 2020 release – and means it may well miss its traditional September reveal event for the first time if rumours are to be believed.

However, even without its flagship device, Apple has plenty up their sleeves to reveal…

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What could Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ be?

All Apple veterans know that the best events have ‘one more thing’ for the grand finale.

Popularised by Steve Jobs as far back as 1999, Apple has a history of seemingly finishing their presentations, only to reappear with a surprise – and often big – new announcement. Recent examples include the first Apple Watch in 2014, and Apple Music in 2015.

Since the passing of Steve Jobs ‘One More Thing’ is only used by Apple occasionally, and given the disruption caused by COVID-19, there may well not be a surprise extra announcement this year. But just in case, here are a few candidates:

Apple AirTags

While a new Apple Watch and iPad Air are all but confirmed for the event, the Apple AirTags are more of an outside bet, so they may well be saved as the big reveal – especially as ‘One More Thing’ is usually reserved for brand new hardware as opposed to next-generation updates.

Apple Glasses

Apple’s long-gestating answer to Google Glass, Apple Glasses are thought to be AR smart glasses that could display information on the lenses. A few leaks have suggested they could launch with the iPhone 12, and they would make a great ‘One More Thing’ announcement – though this tech is generally still thought to be a few years off.

Apple AirPower

AirPower was announced years ago as a wireless charger for your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, only for the device to be quietly cancelled before launch. It seems Apple couldn’t quite get the tech working, but are reportedly working on a less ambitious version – and with the iPhone 12 rumoured to not include a charger, now would be a perfect time to announce a new AirPower.

New AirPods

We know that new AirPods will be released eventually given their popularity, it’s just a question of when. New AirPods aren’t expected to debut at this event, however – unless they’ve been saved as a last-minute surprise?


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