What are the games on The Million Pound Cube?

The Cube is back – but what will the celebrities and contestants be playing throughout the revamped series?

The Cube

ITV’s The Cube is back – but this time, the stakes are higher with a one-million-pound jackpot up for grabs.


After five years off the air, This Morning’s Phillip Schofield is returning to present the revamped series, which will kick off with a celebrity edition before members of the public enter the iconic Perspex box during the week.

With the likes of Jason Manford, Mo Gilligan, Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley taking on The Cube, there’s a lot to get excited about – but which games will they be playing whilst confined in the high-pressure crate?

Here’s everything you need to know about the games that will feature on The Million Pound Cube.

Which games will feature on The Million Pound Cube?

ITV has not given much away about The Million Pound Cube but we know that the upcoming series will see pairs of contestants, from the same household, take part in new two player challenges as well as the classic solo games.

Each couple will have nine lives to complete seven games, each one worth an increasing amount of money.

While we don’t have details about the games just yet, we know that they’ll be “deceivingly simple tasks” like “throwing a ball into a container”, “balancing on a beam” or “stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds”.

Speaking about the games in the upcoming show, host Phillip Schofield said: “The beauty of The Cube is that you could have someone bouncing a ball into a bucket for £20,000 or you’re bouncing a ball into a bucket for £100,000.”

Mo Gilligan trying to bounce a ball into a box on The Million Pound Cube Celebrity
Mo Gilligan trying to bounce a ball into a box on The Million Pound Cube Celebrity

“It was built from people sitting in an office rolling up a piece of paper and then quietly in your head thinking “I’m going to get this into the waste paper basket and if I do I win £10,000.’  We’ve all done that. It’s built on those sorts of games.”

He added that if he were to go up against The Million Pound Cube, he’d be good at “the throwing games” while “some of the memory games wouldn’t be so bad”, however he added: “the games that would be the complete undoing of me are the ones where you’ve got the metal hoops and the long pole and you are threading through the hoops.”

While celebrity contestant Kevin Clifton revealed that his favourite game during his time on the show required balancing a ball on a plate.


“It sounds simple but it was really tough. Balanced on top of a pole was a plate with a small ball on it. I had to hold the bottom of the pole and manoeuvre from one side of The Cube to the other and not drop the ball,” he said. “Once I reached the other side I had to connect the ball to the magnet. Honestly it was a nightmare to try and complete. It was such a difficult task.”

The Million Pound Cube Celebrity airs on Saturday 17th October at 9pm on ITV. If you’re looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide