Will there be a third series of Britannia on Sky Atlantic?

One of the show's stars is hopeful about a return for the historical fantasy drama

Mackenzie Crook, Britannia (Sky, EH)

We won’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t yet seen it (while the entire second season of Britannia is available as a box set, it also airs weekly until early in the New Year on Sky Atlantic) but suffice it to say that the second run of the historical-psychedelic-fantasy-drama comes to a head with a showdown between leader of the Druids Veran and his chaotic, destructive brother Harka, both played by Mackenzie Crook.


What happens next you’ll have to watch to see but it certainly leaves the door open for more…

Will there be a Britannia season 3?

Although both Sky and the show’s stars are remaining tight-lipped about whether a third series will get the go-ahead, Crook says the will is there and sounds upbeat about the possibility.

“Nothing has definitely been confirmed, but I know that everyone is hopeful and that preparations are being made [for if a third season is commissioned],” the actor told RadioTimes.

In fact, he sees scope for it to continue beyond that, adding: “Well, the Romans stayed [in Britain] for 400 hundred years so you’ve got a lot of material there and we’re only a couple of years into the invasion, so who knows?

“I think the Druids were wiped out in a big battle in maybe AD60, around 20 years after the invasion[…] so if I can keep hold of the [Druid] leadership I’ve got a couple of series left in me.”

Sounds promising to us…


Britannia season 2 airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and is available in its entirety on Sky and NOW TV