Eve Myles takes centre stage in first look teaser for Keeping Faith series two

Broadchurch and Torchwood star Eve Myles is back as Faith — and so is her trademark yellow mac

(Keeping Faith, BBC)

A first-look teaser for series two of Welsh thriller Keeping Faith, starring Broadchurch and Torchwood actor Eve Myles, has been released.


The 30-second clip shows Myles as Faith Howells, dressed in her trademark yellow mac and looking out over a river beside a fluttering line of police tape. Though there isn’t any dialogue, the end of the teaser does confirm that the second series will air at some point during this year — which is a relief, as the first series finale left us with a lot of questions…

The drama’s first run introduced us to Faith, a solicitor living in a beautiful Welsh village who seemed to have it all: three children and a devoted husband (and business partner), Evan (Bradley Freegard). That is, however, until Evan disappeared.

It broke records on BBC iPlayer with an extended run and became a cult, word-of-mouth hit. As a co-production between Welsh-language channel S4C and BBC Wales, each scene was shot at least twice in both Welsh and then in English. “We didn’t make eight hours of drama, we made 16,” Myles told Radio Times.


This article was originally published on 3 January 2019