Will Ruth Wilson’s Alice Morgan appear in Luther series five?

Everyone wants to know if the twisted research scientist is really dead...

Idris Elba Ruth Wilson Luther Series 5

Idris Elba’s bringing DCI John Luther back for a fifth series in 2019 but will Ruth Wilson’s Alice Morgan appear alongside him?


Psychopath/genius research scientist Alice first encountered Luther when he was investigating the murder of her parents, which he later deduced she was responsible for. Luther wasn’t able to prove her guilt, though, and the pair (despite their differences) became close friends.

We last saw Alice in the final episode of series three, before learning that she’d apparently been drowned by Laura Haddock’s murderous Megan in the first episode of series four.

However, the killing took place off screen so we never saw a body. And when you don’t see a body in a drama you know what that means – there’s every chance that someone’s plotting a surprise comeback!

And sure enough, Alice actually pops up at the very end of the first sneak peek at Luther series five, but is she alive? Or is Luther having flashbacks?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

Where is Rose Leslie? Why isn’t Emma Lane in series five?

Speaking of Luther alumni, Rose Leslie is absent from series five. The Game of Thrones actress played DS Emma Lane in season four but she won’t be back this time around, writer Neil Cross confirmed.

Luther has a new colleague for series five. He’ll be joined by DS Catherine Halliday, played by Wunmi Mosaku.


This article was originally published on 27 November 2018