Rose Leslie won’t be returning to Luther next year says writer Neil Cross

It looks like Idris Elba's detective will be without his latest sidekick DS Emma Lane

Rose Leslie Luther, BBC publicity, BD

Idris Elba is putting on his hefty coat for more crime drama Luther, which is filming a new story – told over four episodes – in January.


But will Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie’s sidekick Emma Lane be featuring for what will be the fifth series of the gritty procedural?

“Actually no,” writer Neil Cross told, declining to say any more.

And what about John Luther’s intriguing sociopath associate Alice Morgan played by Ruth Wilson? Will she be returning from an apparent demise?

“I better not answer these questions,” laughed Cross. “I will say that he’s got his coat. And that I’ll keep writing Luther until Idris or I drops off the perch.”

That’s good enough for us.


Luther series 5 will air on BBC1 in 2018