Who is YouTuber Joe Sugg? Meet the Strictly Come Dancing 2018 contestant

Vlogger ThatcherJoe was unveiled on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show – making him the first ever Strictly YouTube star

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And the fourth celebrity announced for Strictly Come Dancing. is… YouTuber Joe Sugg!


The British internet star, whose vlog as ThatcherJoe boasts 8.2 million subscribers, was unveiled by interim BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark on Tuesday morning, after they had quizzed him while he used a voice-changer. He will be the first YouTube star appear on the talent show.

“It’s the most nervous, but most excited I’ve been in a long time,” said Sugg, adding that the only dancing experience he has had in his life has been while under the influence of alcohol.

The YouTuber – who is the brother of Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella – added that he found it very difficult to keep the announcement secret.

Im the sort of person that I can’t make my mind up on anything – I always want to ask other peoples opinions on what I should do,” he said. 

And though he says he’ll just be taking the show week by week, he added that his family may have a particular benchmark in mind: “My nan used to dance [in Blackpool] so if I could get there it’d be really nice for her,” he said.

But for now he’s just excited to get suited and booted: “I’m a big fan of a cuban heel as I’m not the tallest, so I’m going to really embrace that.”

Who is Joe Sugg’s professional partner?

He is paired up with Dianne Buswell.

Weekly score

Week One: 27 (6, 7, 7, 7)

Week Two: 31 (7, 8, 8, 8)

Week Three: 26 (6, 7, 6, 7)

Week Four: 26 (5, 7, 7, 7)

Week Five: 29 (6,7,8,8)

Week Six: 35 (8,9,9,9)

Week Seven: 34 (7,9,9,9)

Week Eight: 32 (7,8,8,9)

Week Nine: 38 (8,10,10,10)

Week Ten: 35 (7, 8, 10, 10) + 5 (Lindy Hop) = 40

Week Eleven: 36 (8,9,9,10)

Who is Joe Sugg? Key facts:

Age: 26

Job: YouTube personality

Instagram: Joe_Sugg

Twitter: @Joe_Sugg

What was Joe Sugg’s cheesy Strictly codename? Feta


Bio: Sugg is the younger brother of YouTuber Zoella, who rose to prominence with the creation of his own vlog, ThatcherJoe, in 2011. In 2016, he featured in direct-to-DVD movie with fellow YouTuber Caspar Lee, Joe and Caspar Hit The Road, which saw the duo travel around Europe with no money or electronics.

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