Strictly’s Charles and Karen vow to get matching tattoos if they reach the final

The pair plan to get an 'S' if they make it to the final show – but what does it stand for?

Charles Venn, Karen Clifton, Strictly (BBC, EH)

Earlier this year, Susan Calman became the first ever Strictly Come Dancing celebrity to get a tattoo in tribute to the show – and now Charles Venn and Karen Clifton want to follow in her footsteps…


“If we get to the final, we’re both getting a tattoo,” Clifton told “We’re both getting ‘S’.”

But what could their mysterious ‘S’ possibly stand for, we hear you cry.

“S for Strictly, six pack and success,” revealed Clifton, with Venn agreeing: “There you go, that’s right. Done deal.”

After a tricky start to Strictly, where Venn found himself in the dance-off three times, the Casualty actor has since won over the public and made it to the quarter finals – but he’s always been popular with the judges, who have been known to comment on his sex appeal…

Does he ever feel objectified? “You know what, if at 45 I can still get those kind of compliments I will take that, I will embrace them all,” said Venn, “because at some point you’re going to get old, really old, and at some point people are going to be looking to the young’uns.

“So to still feel that you have that effect on people at my age, I know 45 in the grand scheme of things is young but the other day I was 22… to get those lovely compliments from ladies generally is, we all want to feel appreciated. So I take that with open arms.”


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 1st December at 7.05pm on BBC1