Will there be a second series of Dark Heart?

Everything we know after episode six's cliffhanger ending

Tom Riley in Dark Heart

“You have no idea,” Juliette Wagstaffe (Charlotte Riley) tells her brother DI Will Wagstaffe (Tom Riley) as she calls his phone from inside the hospital where she has been sectioned following a psychotic break.


“No idea about what?” he asks.

“Mum and dad,” she says, looking down at him from a first-floor window. “Who they really were. There’s things I could tell you about them. There’s things that I could tell you that would curdle your blood.”

As he looks up in horror and catches her eye, she breaks into a maniacal laugh and hangs up. And that’s the end of both the episode and the entire series.

Like Will, at this point we have no idea if it’s the psychosis talking, or if she has been guarding a big secret from her little brother about their parents’ unsolved murder all those years ago – a murder which has poisoned both of their lives.

It’s also an emotional cliffhanger that clearly hints at a second series.

Will there be a second series of Dark Heart?

Tom Riley and Charlotte Riley in Dark Heart

A spokesperson for ITV said a second series had not yet been confirmed, with under three million viewers tuning in overnight for episodes three, four and five of the six-part series.

Speaking on set during the filming of series one, creator and writer Chris Lang said that “the intention” was for the drama to go on for three, four or five series as we find out more about the murder of Will and Juliette’s parents.

So far there have been a few hints that they are not all they seem, with Will puzzling over old documents proving his parents paid for their house with cash. It seemed unlikely they would have had such vast sums to hand at the time.

And now there’s Juliette’s phone call…

“Obviously now we want the mystery of what happened to his parents to be a multi series [storyline],” Lang said.


Will he get his wish? That has yet to be revealed.

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