What was the grime music playing in Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK?

This real-life track played a crucial plot point in Jodie Whittaker’s latest adventure


As ever, the most recent episode of Doctor Who series 11 had a terrific score from new composer Segun Akinola, from his remixed version of the classic theme to the specially designed incidental music.


However, Arachnids in the UK also featured a piece of music towards the end of the episode that wasn’t written by Akinola, and might leave you wondering where you’ve heard it before.

Specifically, we’re talking about the track that Ryan (Tosin Cole) plays from “Sheffield’s sickest grime station,” with the aim of driving a horde of mutant spiders into a hotel panic room due to the creatures believing the song’s vibrations signal food (look it makes sense in the episode, we swear).

Well happily, we can put you out of your earworm misery and let you know that the track, which only has a small segment played on air, is Know Me From by Stormzy.

The appearance of the track (which was released in 2015) in episode four marks Stormzy’s Doctor Who debut as far as we can make out, following on from episode three’s use of Andra Day’s song Rise Up.

Here’s the full track for you to listen to and enjoy. Hopefully, it won’t attract too many eight-legged fans in real life…


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