Even Gary Barlow couldn’t spot his Star Wars cameo in The Last Jedi

The Take That frontman reportedly played a Resistance Fighter – but failed to identify his character in two visits to the cinema


Gary Barlow says that he even he couldn’t manage to spot his much-talked about cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, the Take That singer explained that he went to see the movie on two occasions, and still nada.

“I went twice to see the movie and missed it!” he said. “In the end, I needed the pause button to actually see myself!” We hope he has since picked up the DVD

Barlow reportedly played a Resistance fighter in the climactic battle on mineral planet Crait, in news relayed by Star Wars prequel Rogue One’s director Gareth Edwards (who also appeared in the scene, which was filmed during Rogue One production).

The Last Jedi is absolutely stuffed with high-profile cameos, from Princes William and Harry and actors Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the late Carrie Fisher’s dog. We weren’t too happy about it at the time


Gary Barlow is on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night at 10.45pm