A and E Live ITV viewers angry at patients with minor injuries “clogging up” emergency room

Davina McCall and ITV are broadcasting live from Leeds General Infirmary for three nights this week

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Tuesday 22nd May
Wednesday 23rd May 
and Thursday 24th May 2018 on ITV 

Pictured:  Davina McCall at the entrance to A and E at Leeds General Infirmary

In this live documentary event, Davina McCall will be experiencing the drama of a major A&E department as it happens. Celebrating 70 years of the NHS, the series will tell the story of emergency medicine across a whole city, from the 999 call to the ambulance right through to treatment in A&E.

Witnessing all the drama from call to cure first hand, Davina will be embedded with the staff of Leeds General Infirmary across the week seeing events unfold through the eyes of the doctors, nurses and paramedics on the frontline. SheÕll experience it, as they do, never knowing who, or what, will come through the doors next. From dealing with everyday traumas to major incidents that require life-saving treatments. This innovative series will show you A&E as you've never seen it before.

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Davina McCall’s A&E Live kicked up a storm on Twitter on Tuesday night as it featured people who were in the emergency room with minor injuries, with the ITV programme highlighting how the NHS has to deal with patients who arguably should be using an alternative service to A&E.


The first night of the three-part live series, made to celebrate the NHS’ 70th birthday, saw presenter McCall visit the A&E department at Leeds General Infirmary, where she interviewed doctors and patients.

One such patient, a young man who found himself in the ER in the middle of a first date, was adjudged by viewers to have been “clogging up the waiting room” with a thumb injury.

“The NHS doesn’t need another programme that shows the real emergencies it deals with, it needs to show the time wasters, and sheer numbers of inappropriate patients that are dealt with 24/7,” Twitter user @Ellie_Toombs wrote.

User @Doonadia added: “I shouldn’t say this as a nurse, but small cuts/grazes/ingrown toenails are why our ED departments are overrun.”

Others shared an advice sheet on where patients should go if they need medical care.

The episode is the first of a three-part live broadcast which continues at 9pm on ITV.


A&E Live continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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