Robert stalks rapist Lee in Emmerdale as pregnant Victoria plans her exit

Revenge plot causes drama for the Sugdens


Emmerdale‘s most famous family the Sugdens are in crisis as Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) begins stalking Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie), the man who raped his little sister Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins), while Vic herself plans to sell up and move out of the village her clan has called home for generations.


Pregnant as a result of her sexual assault ordeal, Victoria wants a fresh start away from Emmerdale and is determined to move. But when an estate agent wants to show potential buyers around her cottage on Tuesday 9th July the viewing is interrupted by the arrival of Wendy (Susan Cookson), Lee’s mother, who is desperate to be involved in the child’s life.

Despite having already sent Wendy packing the previous week, Vic is forced to face her again and Robert has to distract the estate agent while his sister and stepmum Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) pull their unexpected visitor to one side so they can talk.

Wendy is resolute that she wants to be a part of her grandchild’s upbringing and implies Lee, who she thinks is innocent of the rape claims, may try for custody when the baby comes, leaving Victoria stunned and even more desperate to leave.


Robert had hoped he could change Victoria’s mind about going and doesn’t see why she should be the one to be driven away, so this latest development spurs him on to revisit his revenge plan against sexual predator Lee.

Is Robert planning to murder Lee?

On Wednesday 10th July, riled up Rob parks his car outside Lee’s house and silently watches him from afar. While Robert glares at his sister’s attacker Lee is oblivious he’s being spied on – but what is the sinister Mr Sugden’s master plan to teach Lee a lesson? Will his obsession with Lee continue to cause tension with husband Aaron Dingle? Could Robert’s anger pave the way to his exit from the soap later this year – might he end up killing him?


“Victoria knows deep down Robert is only trying to get justice for her,” says Hodgins. “She wanted to let things lie, but Robert is incapable of that.

“This baby is none of Lee’s business as far as Victoria is concerned,” she continues. “She will raise this child on her own, but since Lee and Wendy discovered the pregnancy it has opened a can of worms that Victoria wanted to keep closed. Wendy has her son’s interests at heart which makes her an enemy to Victoria straight away. As long as she is around things are going to be difficult.”


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