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5 suspects in Emmerdale's gruesome new baby plot

The shocking discovery of a baby's remains kicks off the hunt for the mother - but who is the mysterious Jenny Finn?

Published: Wednesday, 3rd July 2019 at 6:01 pm

Emmerdale delves into horror movie territory this week when human bones are uncovered in the grounds of the local school, sparking a disturbing mystery about a dead baby that rocks the community to its core.


The police begin an investigation and the officer on the case, DI Bradwall, soon makes a breakthrough, determining that the remains were buried many years ago and that a then 16-year-old girl called Jenny Finn could be the child's mother.

As questions arise over the identity of Jenny Finn, its clear viewers are about to learn that an established character has something big to hide – could one of these familiar faces have a tragic backstory involving the death of a baby when they were a teenager?

Lydia Hart

Lovely Lydia has quickly become the beating heart of the Dingles, slipping into much-missed matriarch Lisa's place. Apart from losing her first husband little is known about her life before she romanced sweet Sam, especially when it comes to her teenage years. Could she have given birth to a baby when she was a schoolgirl?


Vanessa Woodfield

Another villager with something of a blank slate when it comes to their past is vivacious vet Vanessa, but the possibility of her hiding a traumatic teen pregnancy is reduced somewhat considering partner Charity Dingle's own backstory of conceiving a son through rape and abandoning him - surely Vee would've mentioned it when all that was revealed? Or does that just add another layer to something she's never opened up about?


Harriet Finch

Anything's possible when it comes to the enigmatic vicar/ex-undercover copper - her past has already caught up with her in the form of Will Taylor, the crime boss she fell for during an undercover sting, so having yet another secret up her sleeve is perfectly feasible. What if Harriet was once Jenny, and the trauma of whatever she went through with the pregnancy inspired her to change her identity and start a new life to escape her old one?


Faith Dingle

Feisty Faith's bluster melted away when she battled cancer and the chink in the armour made us wonder what other pain she's been forced to swallow in her roller coaster life. There is huge potential in fully exploring Faith's background. Unlocking a childhood trauma would be a good opportunity to delve deeper into the character.


Andrea Tate

Another character who we know next to nothing about in terms of life pre-Emmerdale. Her past connection with Graham Foster is decidedly sketchy, and we feel there may be a bigger picture purpose in introducing her - is she the mother of the deceased child whose remains are about to be unearthed?


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