When is Emily in Paris season 2 release date? Cast, plot and latest news

Ooh la la! Will Emily in Paris be back for a second outing? Here's everything you need to know.

Emily and Gabriel in Emily in Paris

Netflix’s hit comedy-drama Emily in Paris landed on the platform at the beginning of October, allowing viewers to travel vicariously via the show’s marketing executive lead, played by Lily Collins.


With the show currently ranking high in Netflix‘s Top 10 chart in the UK, many fans have already binged their way through the first series and now hoping for season two after the final episode left Emily, her neighbour/lover Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Emily’s friend/Gabriel’s girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat) in a tricky situation.

For those desperate for anything information as to when we’re likely to see the American back in France, we’ve compiled everything we know so far about Emily in Paris season two for you to peruse.

Will there be a second season of Emily in Paris?

Lily Collins (Emily) and Ashley Park (Mindy) in Emily in Paris
Lily Collins (Emily) and Ashley Park (Mindy) in Emily in Paris

While Netflix has not yet announced whether Emily in Paris will be back for a second season, it won’t come as a surprise if the comedy-drama is renewed considering its popularity over the past few weeks.

The show, created by Darren Star, arrived on Netflix at the beginning of October and has since ranked highly in Netflix’s Top 10 titles. In fact, the series is currently the second most-watched show in the UK.

Thankfully for fans, the show’s star Lily Collins is definitely up for a second trip to Paris, telling Harper’s Bazaar: “I’m so proud of the way that it’s kind of globally reached every country, and that’s thanks to Netflix, really pushing it out there and believing in it. And then to be number one in the world still, it is mind-blowing.”

“All of us are incredibly grateful. And the cast and crew, we’re really hoping to get the green light for season two,” she added.

Darren Star also teased a second season of Emily in Paris, telling E! News on 19th October: “I don’t know about season two yet, but I think Emily has some surprising tough choices.”

He added: “Nothing is sort of exactly as it seems to [Emily], and I think a lot of her ideas about life are constantly tested. And they will be next season, as well.”

So fingers crossed, Emily will be back on our screens for another Parisian adventure in the near future.

When is Emily in Paris season 2 released?

Emily in Paris has not yet been renewed for a second season, but when it is, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Emily on our screens any time soon.

With the coronavirus pandemic still causing disruption all over the world and international travel difficult in relation to certain countries, production on a second season may face delays or could take longer than usual due to new filming protocols.

Best case scenario – Emily in Paris season two will land on Netflix towards the end of 2021, however it’s more likely in this current climate that we’ll be seeing it in 2022.

What was the controversy around season 1?

Since arriving on Netflix, Emily in Paris has received flack from French viewers, who’ve panned the show for perpetuating stereotypes about Parisians and French people and for Lily Collins’ unlikely and at times ignorant character Emily.

French radio station RTL wrote about the show on its website, saying: “Between the beret, the cocktail dresses and the impeccable streets, Parisians had a hard time recognising their everyday life”, while French magazine Les Inrockuptibles wrote that the show “did not fail to make Parisians laugh”.

As for the episode in which Emily’s client, a perfume company, shoots an advert featuring a naked model walking across the Alexandre III bridge, and tells Emily that the concept is “sexy” and not “sexist”, various French people objected to this storyline, with Florence Coupry, an executive in a French strategic communications firm, telling The New York Times: “This has nothing to do with being French. A campaign like this would backfire.”

She added: “This is a series about extreme clichés, cliché after cliché. Whoever made this is clearly having fun with the clichés. As viewers, we’re being played with here.”

In an interview Cosmopolitan, the show’s French star Lucas Bravo agreed with the criticism, saying: “We’re portraying clichés and we’re portraying one single vision of Paris. Paris is one of the most diverse cities in the world.”

What will happen in Emily in Paris season 2?

Camille and Emily in Emily in Paris
Camille and Emily in Emily in Paris


Emily in Paris’ first outing left viewers with a satisfying yet messy ending. After 10 episodes of unbearable sexual tension, stolen kisses and the typical problems that come with a love triangle, Emily (Lily Collins) and her neighbour Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) got intimate with one another, with Emily under the impression that Gabriel is about to leave for Normandy to open his own restaurant.

However, in the show’s very last scene, we watch as Emily’s client Antoine (William Abadie) has offers Gabriel financial funding, which will allow him to buy a restaurant in Paris and means that he’ll be sticking around for the long-term.

Season two will undoubtedly explore the fallout of Emily and Gabriel getting together, especially since Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s friend Camille (Camille Razat) won’t be best pleased with the pair’s antics. Will Emily and Gabriel make a go of it or will Emily prioritise her friendship with Camille?

However, according to Bravo, Emily and Camille’s relationship may head in a completely different direction, which the first series “planted a few seeds” about.

He told Cosmopolitan, “Like, Camille, when she kisses Emily on the mouth, and she’s like, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed, and I’m liking the picture, it’s all little seeds. Anything could happen between the three of them. I think Darren wants this second season to be really open-minded.”

While in an interview with Vogue UK, Collins predicted that the next season will “create more love triangle drama”, adding: “There are tons of little moments where you’re like, ‘…Does Camille like Emily?’ You can’t really get a vibe, and I feel like that ambiguity is what keeps Emily intrigued.”

“I think anyone in that position would be like, you’re my friend, but now I have this romantic connection [with Gabriel], and I don’t want to hurt you, but… Oh my God! So, you know what, it’s really confusing,” she said.

There’s also the possibility that series two could see Emily travel to the UK, with Collins telling Harper’s Bazaar: “At some point, I was joking with Darren and said, ‘Couldn’t they just, like, hop on the Eurostar and, like, have a British excursion?’ I think it could be Emily going to all these different places.”

“It’s Emily in … and then insert the city. She could just take the train and go all over Europe, and Mindy and her could go together,” she said. “I think that there’s so much personality that we can dive into more in the second season if we get to go.”

Emily in Paris season 2 cast

There’s no Emily in Paris without Lily Collins of course, so if a second series is commissioned, we’re bound to see the actress reprise the titular role, hopefully alongside Ashley Park (Mindy), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Emily’s glamorous yet scary French boss Sylvie).

It’s also likely that Camille Razat, who plays Emily’s friend and Gabriel’s girlfriend Camille, will return for season two considering the amount of drama that’s likely been caused by Emily and Gabriel getting together in the season finale.


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