Where is V Wars filmed?

Turns out Canada was the main battleground of the V Wars


Netflix’s V Wars has tempted Ian Somerhalder back to the world of fangs and the undead, but he’s a long way away from The Vampire Diaries’ Mystic Falls. The titular vampire wars, while seeming to take place in the US like so many other supernatural occurrences, was actually shot in Ontario, Canada – an increasingly popular choice for productions looking for American city doubles.


Here’s the main filming locations for V Wars season one.

Toronto, Ontario

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Production was mostly headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, where shooting took place between June and October 2018. Toronto has had a blossoming career as a film location recently – it was also featured in See, It Chapter 2 and most of the Resident Evil films.

Galt, Cambridge

V Wars Ian Somerhalder

Galt, a community in Cambridge (the Canadian one), was used for the filming of most of the show’s street scenes. The city’s Main Street Bridge was even closed down for the filming of a key scene in the season finale, with residents warned of the potentially disturbing special effects used by the crew. The bridge is no stranger to television production – it was previously used for a riot scene in of the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Sudbury, Ontario

V Wars Season 1
V Wars Season 1

V Wars is one of the largest productions ever to have filmed in Greater Sudbury in Northern Ontario, and along with Toronto was the main filming location for the Netflix series. The area has also served as a filming location for films such as Letterkenny, X-Men and Slasher, and brought in over $20million to the local economy.