Vampires meet zombies (sort of) in Netflix's upcoming horror series V Wars. The post-apocalyptic offering stars blood-sucking veteran Ian Somerhalder as a doctor trying to stop a vampire epidemic. Somerhalder also produces and even directs an episode.


The series is based on V-Wars, a comic series by multiple Bram Stoker award-winning authors Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson.

When is V Wars released on Netflix?

The horror series is a Netflix Original and will be available to subscribers of the streaming service worldwide on Thursday 5th December 2019.

What is V Wars about?

Based on the comic book series, V Wars will follow Doctor Luther Swann as he attempts to stop a mysterious disease that turns humans into blood-thirsty creatures from spreading. Judging by the trailer, he fails quite spectacularly.

As well as dealing with the rapidly declining vampire apocalypse, Swann will also be pitted against his infected best friend Michael Fayne. As if Fayne turning into a murderous predator didn't suck enough, things get even more tense when he becomes the powerful leader of the underground vampire supremacy movement.

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As more and more people are infected, society fractures and a war between vampires and humans appears to be imminent – unless, of course, Swann figures out how to stop it.

Who is in the cast of V Wars?

The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder swaps fangs for a lab coat as Doctor Luther Swann. His best friend turned dangerous vampire ring leader Michael Fayne is played by Adrian Holmes (19-2, Skyscraper). Joining them are Cool Runnings star Peter Outerbridge and Laura Vandervoort (Bitten, Supergirl, Smallville).

Is there a trailer?


V-Wars is released on Netflix on 5th December, 2019.