UK Star Trek fans are annoyed they don’t get to see the new series of shorts

Some short episodes have been released ahead of the new series of Star Trek: Discovery – but they're not available in the UK yet

Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca in Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery fans based in the UK are raging after discovering that a series of shorts which have been released in the US are not currently available on our shores.


US network CBS has dropped the first episode in a series entitled Star Trek: Short Treks, and fans who were expecting it to magically appear on Netflix UK – as Discovery does, within hours of airing in America – were enraged to discover that it hadn’t. And there is no word from Netflix yet on whether they will at all…

Disgruntled Trekkies have taken to social media to share their disapointment.

“What, Netflix UK aren’t going to show the cool new Star Trek Discover Shorts?” James Thentir wrote on Twitter. “Damn.”

@MalcomrReeds added: “Hello I am really angry because the new Star Trek shorts aren’t going to be shown in the UK”.

And others have been badgering Netflix, CBS and Star Trek producers about if and when the new mini episodes will become available.

However, the kerfuffle brought the situation to Star Trek: Discovery writer  Jayne Brook, who said that she would look into it.

So, there may be hope yet…


Star Trek: Discovery will return to Netflix UK in 2019