Was the wrong candidate fired on The Apprentice? Twitter is NOT happy with Lord Sugar’s decision

Kayode Damali was given the boot after the abysmal gardening task – but many viewers thought it was a terrible decision

The Apprentice (BBC)

We’re more than halfway through this series of The Apprentice, with the competition getting increasingly fierce between the candidates hoping to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.


The latest task saw the remaining candidates tackle urban gardening – with varying degrees of success. While Daniel made the world’s most impractical rooftop bar, (astro turf on the bar surface? Are you serious?) his efforts far outstripped that of rival Tom, who did a poor job of painting a bench and bought a few pot plants for his client.

As Tom is actually the most green-fingered candidate, (he is, after all, a tree surgeon of all things) many expected him to be weeded out by Lord Sugar straightaway for his astonishingly poor performance.

But it was former frontrunner Kayode who was turfed out the competition, despite previously impressing with his people skills and sales technique.

As Kayode stormed out the boardroom, viewers flocked to Twitter to call out Lord Sugar for his poor decision, with many thinking Tom should have gone instead, or at least as well as, Kayode.

“They fired Kayode? Why?” asked one confused viewer.

“Lord Sugar has literally fired the most liked candidate on the whole show,” fumed a second.

A third added, “I will no longer be watching the Apprentice anymore, the wrong person was fired. It should have been Tom.”

Unsurprisingly, Kayode is in agreement that he should have remained in the process, explaining why he didn’t thank Lord Sugar in the tense boardroom showdown.

Kayode Damali, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)
Kayode Damali, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

“I think when I had my hands on the door handle I thought ‘I’ve got to say thank you, don’t I?’” Kayode he told RadioTimes.com about his swift exit. “But then I was like ‘What am I thanking you for? You just fired my arse!’

“Thanks for firing me? Come on, let’s be serious!”

He added: “I entered this process to win and nothing less. Literally, even if I came second that wouldn’t be good enough. I wanted to win!”

Well, he may not have won The Apprentice, but it certainly seems Kayode has won over people’s hearts – not forgetting his brief bromance with Lord Sugar’s advisor Claude Littner.


The Apprentice continues 9pm Wednesday, BBC1

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