What’s your favourite Australian TV show?

In honour of Australia Day, we take a look at some of our favourite TV that has made it from Down Under to, erm, Up Over...

It’s Australia Day, which means over here at RadioTimes.com HQ we’re all kicking back with a few cold ones and plenty of shrimps thrown on the barbecue (at least until Health and Safety turn up). 


Just kidding – we don’t like to go outside. So more in spirit with our own connection to the wonderful land of Oz, this Australia Day we’ve compiled a list of the best TV that’s made onto our screens and into our hearts in the UK.

You can even vote on your favourite at the end…

Ready? Bonzer.

Skippy (1966-1970)

Forget Lassie, it’s the eponymous bush kangaroo who holds our hearts as the best heroic animal in fiction.

The Sullivans (1976-1983)

One family’s life is changed forever by the shadow of World War Two.

Prisoner Cell Block H (1979-1986)

This soap was actually based on a UK series, but soon became a much bigger hit in its own right as it explored the lives of the female prisoners of the Wentworth Detention Centre.

Return to Eden (1983-1986)

A melodramatic mini-series following the revenge plan of an heiress who was mauled by crocodiles. Exactly as sane as it sounds.

Neighbours (1985-present)

A classic soap that transcends international boundaires, we’ll almost certainly be watching the lives of Ramsay Street residents for years to come.

The Henderson Kids (1985-1987)

Teenage siblings Steve and Tamara are made to live in the country with their uncle following the death of their mother, eventually making friends as they defended the family land from development.

The Flying Doctors (1986-1993)

This series followed the lifesaving efforts of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia – with a little love and intrigue thrown into the mix as well.

Home and Away (1987-present)


The residents of Summer Bay have attracted viewers for over 25 years, with their lives, loves and disappointments getting millions of viewers worldwide.

Round the Twist (1989-2001)


Quirky and fantastical tales of a lighthouse-dwelling family whose adventures have to be seen to be believed – and a killer theme tune.

Heartbreak High (1994-1999)

A gritty and fast-paced look at the issues facing the students of the fictional Hartley High in Sydney (also, great theme tune).

The Crocodile Hunter (1997-2004)


Wildlife expert Steve Irwin presented this series until his death in 2006, with his unconventional take on the natural world earning him legions of fans worldwide.

The Secret Life of Us (2001-2005)

A bit like an Australian This Life, The Secret Life of Us was a glossy soap about hip twenty-somethings in Melbourne.

McLeod’s Daughters (2001-2009)


An award-winning drama that revolved around half sisters Claire and Tess McLeod, who opt to try and run their family farm after 20 years apart.

Kath & Kim (2002-2007)

An absurd and utterly lovable tale of mother-daughter bonding/rivalry – with some amazing catchphrases to boot.

Summer Heights High (2007)

Chris Lilley’s never been better than this 3-piece character comedy set in an average Australian High School.

Underbelly (2008)

A slick and violent dramatization of Australia’s 1990s gang wars.

MasterChef (2009-present)

Yep, this is an Australian format – and the Ozzie version of the show is by far the most entertaining. It also comes with added Gordon Ramsay.

The Slap (2011)

A snap decision has repercussions that unravel the ties between a group of friends, in a series recently remade for American audiences.

Danger 5 (2012-present)

Five spies are on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler in this entertainingly deranged 1960s-style pulp parody.

Rake (2010-2014)

A legal drama with some bite that follows a self-destructive criminal defence barrister (the series is now being remade in the US with Greg Kinnear).

Wentworth (2013-present)

Basically it’s a remake of Prisoner Cell Block H (see above), but critics have found it a worthy successor.


But which Ozzie opus do you harbour a secret love for? Vote now!