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What's your favourite Australian TV show?

In honour of Australia Day, we take a look at some of our favourite TV that has made it from Down Under to, erm, Up Over...

Published: Monday, 26th January 2015 at 4:04 pm

It's Australia Day, which means over here at HQ we're all kicking back with a few cold ones and plenty of shrimps thrown on the barbecue (at least until Health and Safety turn up).


Just kidding - we don't like to go outside. So more in spirit with our own connection to the wonderful land of Oz, this Australia Day we've compiled a list of the best TV that's made onto our screens and into our hearts in the UK.

You can even vote on your favourite at the end...

Ready? Bonzer.

Skippy (1966-1970)

Forget Lassie, it’s the eponymous bush kangaroo who holds our hearts as the best heroic animal in fiction.

The Sullivans (1976-1983)

One family’s life is changed forever by the shadow of World War Two.

Prisoner Cell Block H (1979-1986)


This soap was actually based on a UK series, but soon became a much bigger hit in its own right as it explored the lives of the female prisoners of the Wentworth Detention Centre.


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