You probably didn’t recognise Tom Felton in The Borrowers because he looked like a Weasley

Did you spot the Harry Potter actor Slytherin onto your cinema screens in 1997?


Red hair… and a hand me down robe. You must be a Weasley.


Or y’know, Tom Felton in The Borrowers.

Can we all just appreciate how cute Tom felton looks as a redhead in the 1997 film The Borrowers? (Maybe he should have been a Weasley Child) from harrypotter

Die hard fans of the actor know he starred in the family film as Peagreen Clock way back in 1997 and while he looks rather different 19 years later (ooooh, spooky Potter coincidence), we’re hard pressed to argue with the suggestion that he’d have made a fine Weasley.

Fun Potter facts about The Borrowers anyone? The film also stars Jim Broadbent (aka Horace Slughorn) as Felton’s dad, Pod Clock, and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) as an exterminator by the name of Jeff.

Oh, and John Goodman’s villain was actually called Ocious P Potter.