Twitter is calling for a ThunderCats movie after seeing Cats

Viewers think the CGI fur technology would be better suited to a ThunderCats film

Thundercats opening credits

It’s hard to find a silver-lining in the haunting two-minute spectacle that is Tom Hooper’s Cats trailer, but fans of the animated 1980s TV series ThunderCats, featuring a group of cat-like humanoid aliens, have found it.


In the upcoming film Cats, based on the acclaimed musical of the same name, the starry cast (including Judi Dench, Taylor Swift and Idris Elba) have all been digitally altered and covered in fur.

Now, however, ThunderCats fans are hailing the film’s “digital fur technology,” with the hope that a possible Thundercats film could use the same CGI techniques.

“Everyone is all weirded out by that CATS trailer, but I’m just excited to use Digital Fur Technology for a live action ThunderCats,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“So this is how Thunder Cats would look if it got a live action movie…,” another fan posted.


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