It’s a pretty well known fact that Tom Hardy loves his dogs – he recently brought a four-legged pal along to a recent film screening (where he completely stole the show for everyone, included), he’s done appeals for PETA and he even got his dog Woody a part in BBC drama Peaky Blinders. Man’s best friend indeed.


Still, Hardy’s latest special treat for Woody might take the biscuit – because he’s actually got him a nod in the end credits of new film Legend, where Hardy plays twin gangsters Ron and Reggie Kray. Looks like this dog finally had his day…

“He was a good dog – we gave him a credit in the film,” Legend writer/director Brian Helgeland revealed to us at the film’s premiere. “He got a special thanks – we didn’t have any producer credits left to give out, so…”

The accolade isn’t completely barking mad, mind you. Apparently, Woody worked hard to earn the credit by just being frankly adorable all over the Legend set, where Hardy frequently took him to work.

Tom Hardy and Woody at the Legend London premiere

“He’s got a couple of dogs, but Woody’s the one that would come to the set,” Helgeland explained.

“When you rehearse a scene, the camera crew will put marks down – for focus, and different things for the actor to find his mark – and when Tom would leave to go to makeup, Woody would walk around and go to all Tom’s marks.

“And then he’d sit, and then he’d get up and go to the next mark and sit, and it was very funny to watch.”

Woody was also at the premiere with his owner, so hopefully he enjoyed all the attention – we're sure he'll be soon starting on his next blockbuster project with barely a paws.

Helgeland went on to discuss the unique challenges of filming the movie, which often saw Hardy play against himself in the same scene.

“We were partners in a technical sense, we both had to understand technically what was going on. So in the morning we’d get to set, and we would just be talking about– ‘I’m gonna be here, then there’.

“But then as we went along, it was a different thing. He’d go off and become the two guys – and Ron was a lot of fun to be around, and always a laugh, and Reggie was much more serious and quiet. It was very interesting because they were so different to direct, actually.”

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Legend will be released in the UK on 9th September