This lucky tortoise has his very own Jurassic Park

It's the dream come true for dino fans...


There are beloved pets and then there is this: a tortoise who is now the proud resident of his very own Jurassic Park.


Owner Oliver Turpin has hand crafted his buddy a miniature Jurassic Park, complete with those iconic gates, a visitor centre, a grazing enclosure and a pool for him to drink from and splash about in.

According to Turpin, Jurassic Park is the tortoise’s favourite film. But, of course, the lucky guy doesn’t know just how lucky he is and is much more interested in the grass.

Needless to say Jurassic Park fans are impressed.

“Wow, and people think cat lovers are crazy! Ok, we are, but this goes above and beyond. Awesome. You are a great tortoise dad. : )” writes one commenter.


And we have to agree. Turpin even writes that he’s planning expansions for his pet’s Park…