This is JJ Abrams singing the Jabba Flow song from the Force Awakens cantina

It's basically an intergalactic Shaggy remix


Well, what do you know? JJ Abrams has been keeping another little secret about The Force Awakens. Oh, yes The song played in Maz’s cantina in Episode VII was actually written by Broadway composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the smash-hit show Hamilton.


Not only does ‘Jabba Flow’ have one hell of a funky beat, the lyrics are actually in Huttese – Jabba the Hutt’s language. Yep, Miranda trawled the internet to find the right words, the song translating to ‘no lover lover it wasn’t me’, which, as Miranda points out, is basically an intergalactic Shaggy remix.


If that wasn’t cool enough, JJ Abrams hopped up on stage to sing the song with Miranda in honour of the May the 4th celebrations and revealed it’s now available on iTunes. Enjoy…