This is how Lindsay Lohan celebrates Mean Girls day

The actress has not forgotten her iconic line, "It's October 3rd."


“It’s October 3rd” is a line that has gone down in film history.


That was the moment when Mean Girls character Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, got to speak to her crush Aaron Samuels in maths class – and the actress herself knows exactly how iconic the date has become.

Her friend Laura Slater tried to catch her out by casually asking what day it was – but Lohan was not to be fooled.

Lohan had to be quick off the mark after completely failing to remember her lines last year.

When Slater asked her for the date this time in 2015, she spectacularly missed the joke.

The former child actress captioned her image “#mynailbedssuck”, another famous line from the 2004 teen movie – and perhaps a nod to her recent grisly boating accident.


Lohan revealed on Snapchat how she managed to almost lose part of her left ring finger on Sunday and had to have the missing half of her digit re-attached. Ouch!