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This Doctor Strange writer might have accidentally revealed a major plot twist

*WARNING: Contains potential spoilers for the Benedict Cumberbatch movie*

Published: Wednesday, 31st August 2016 at 10:16 am

Trust the internet to dig this one out. Last week it was revealed that Dan Harmon, the creator of cult comedy Community, had joined the writing team of Benedict Cumberbatch’s superhero blockbuster Doctor Strange, with the popular writer apparently brought on board to help work on some additional scenes shot after the rest of filming had completed. So far, so innocent.


But Harmon’s involvement inspired some Marvel fans to dig a little deeper into Harmon’s recent appearances, and inevitably they found something that might just reveal a pretty big plot twist – so if you don’t want to know what it is, look away now.

Still here? Magic.

Looking over an appearance by Harmon in San Diego Comic-con in July, redditor Bifrost51 noticed that when the writer hooked up his computer to the big screen (so that he could “write” a Community Movie with his audience) a few telling recent documents could be briefly seen – including one that hints Mads Mikkelsen’s villain Kaecilius may not be all he seems. Note the underlined title below, and see what you think…

Spot what we’re talking about? Well, one of the recent pages Harmon was working on was called “Strange confronts Dormammu”, which is more important than it appears. It actually refers to the Sorcerer Supreme’s longstanding nemesis in the source comic books, an immortal alien with mystical powers from another dimension, who many assumed would be facing Cumberbatch’s Strange in this movie before it was announced that it would be minor baddie Kaecilius (played by Mikkelsen) causing the trouble instead.

Or so we thought – because if that document headline isn’t some sort of very clever joke from Harmon (which seems unlikely given it happened before his involvement in the film was announced), it seems possible that Mikkelsen’s villain is a red herring, with Dormammu the real threat to Earth and Doctor Strange.

Perhaps Kaecilius is some kind of servant to Dormammu, or summons him to gain power only to find himself possessed by The Dread One (as he’s known to friends) instead. Or perhaps, given that Harmon is mainly involved in brief reshoots, Dormammu is only teased for a future sequel – maybe in one of Marvel’s popular post-credit scenes, perhaps.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, but we’re only getting more excited to see Marvel’s magical take on the superhero flick. If nothing else, we’re desperate to find out more about the “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Floppy whip” scenes Harmon has apparently also been working on…


Doctor Strange will be released in UK cinemas on 28th October


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