This deleted Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene shows another side to Carrie Fisher’s General Organa

Leia really did have Carrie Fisher's sardonic sense of humour


General Organa may be the determined and steely head of the Resistance, but she has more than a streak of the real Carrie Fisher in her. A deleted scene from The Force Awakens features the actress’s signature wit, as the General (formerly known as Princess Leia) jokes with one of her fighters.


In the clip, General Organa tells a young Resistance solder to leave their base and speak to the Galactic Senate about the threat of the First Order.

When that soldier respectfully questions whether the mission is futile, Organa quips: “Not all the senators think I’m insane. Or maybe they do. I don’t care.”

Though the footage was cut when director JJ Abrams decided to save Carrie Fisher’s first appearance for later in the movie, it does finally explain another scene.

When the First Order use their new super weapon to destroy Hosnian Prime (and the Senate), there is a brief shot of Leia’s horrified soldier about to be killed.


Watching a clip, you really get a sense of the actual Carrie Fisher and her personality – and the line is particularly poignant given her battles with bipolar disorder and her candid discussions about mental health.

In fact, she may well have written the line herself: the 60-year-old, who died on 27th December, was one of Hollywood’s most talented script doctors and had previously turned her hand to improving Star Wars.

The footage has been circulating as fans mourn actress, novelist and memoirist Fisher, whose untimely death was closely followed by the passing of her mother, Singin’ in the Rain star Debbie Reynolds.


Fisher had already finished filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII, due next year. It is unclear how the franchise will handle her character’s future in Episode IX.