These heartbreaking Mrs Doubtfire deleted scenes are making everyone feel very emotional

You're going to need a great big box of tissues, poppets


It’s been 23 years since Robin Williams’ Mrs Doubtfire lit up cinema screens – and put massive smiles on our faces – but it’s still got the power to make us all feel very emotional about Daniel Hillard and his on-screen children.


That’s what the internet discovered when deleted scenes from the film resurfaced online this week, reminding us just how serious the film’s plot – about a man attempting to gain access to his children – actually had the potential to be.

We all laughed heartily at Daniel’s antics as he impersonated an older Scottish lady to try and get close to his kids during a difficult divorce, but we often underestimated the impact the marital breakdown had on his children.

Take oldest daughter Lydia, for example: a deleted sequence from the film shows how her parents’ very public squabbling distracted her during a Spelling Bee competition.

And then there’s the argument we never witnessed, between Daniel and Miranda (Sally Field), just after she discovered his big secret, which is all the more heartbreaking because it’s seen through the eyes of their kids.

Sorry, you’ll have to give us a second, there’s something in our eye.


As one YouTube commenter put it: We’re really glad we saw this, but we’re also really glad it wasn’t in the movie.