There’s going to be a Heathers TV series — but this time the outcasts become teen royalty

The cult 80s film about a sinister clan of popular high school girls is coming to the small-screen


Heathers is being made into a TV series — with a twist.


The cult 1988 film, about a sinister clan of popular high school girls and the outcasts who kill them off, is being rebooted by writer Jason A Micallef and Sex and the City producer Jenny Bicks – and this time it looks like it will be the outsiders who become high school royalty…

“Heather McNamara (originally played by Lisanne Falk) is a black lesbian; Heather Duke (Shannen Doherty) is a male who identifies as gender-queer whose real name is Heath; and Heather Chandler (Kim Walker) has a body like Martha Dumptruck,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

This marks the third time that Heathers – which originally starred Christian Bale and Winona Ryder and spawned the line “are we going to prom or to hell?” – has been adapted to the small screen. The show is being made by American channel TV Land so we can only hope it’ll turn up in the UK at some point too.


It could be totally “very”.