There was a Disney sing-off on last night’s Jonathan Ross – and it was awful and brilliant at the same time

Luke Evans took on Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton to see who could be the best Gaston


Everyone likes a Disney singsong (’s last encounter with a karaoke machine is proof of that) and it seems celebrities are no different.


Luke Evans, Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton, Shazia Mirza and Jonathan Ross himself all lent their vocal chords to Gaston’s theme from Beauty and the Beast during last night’s Jonathan Ross Show. With, erm, differing degrees of success.

The sing-off which followed was awful and brilliant at the same time. Something of a shambolic free-for-all, but with some impressive note-hitting in there too.

Really the competition was between Evans and Jackman (sorry Jonathan) who both have experience embodying the Disney hunk. Jackman played Gaston on stage in Australia while 36-year-old Evans is taking on the role in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie alongside Emma Watson.


Beauty and the Beast will be in UK cinemas 17th March 2017