There are two Sherlocks and two Benedicts in this new Avengers photo and we can’t cope

Hot sauce has never looked so hot or saucy

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

The only thing better than one Sherlock and one Benedict are two Sherlocks and two Benedicts.


In this candid behind the scenes photo that’s exactly what we’ve got as Sherlocks Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr spent some downtime between filming Avengers: Infinity War mucking about with a can and bottle of hot sauce alongside fellow Benedict, Benedict Wong.

Oh, and Mark Ruffalo is just in the middle of them all helping himself to some salad with tongs.

The picture was posted by Robert Downey Jr on his Instagram and features about 357 hashtags.

The best ones are undoubtedly #facialhairbros, #benedictsquared and the incredible #holmies.

Downey Jr reprises his role as Iron Man in the upcoming superhero flick alongside Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Wong (who shares his name with character Wong) and many more.


As you’d expect for a picture featuring Cumberbatch looking hot and saucy with a bottle of hot sauce, the post has gained over 1.2 million likes since being uploaded.