There are rumours Felicity Jones could appear in another Star Wars film

Warning: contains spoilers...


First, a warning – this article contains spoilers for Rogue One. If you haven’t seen it, click out now. I mean it: NOW.


I’m going to give you one more chance…


Anyone who’s seen the first Star Wars spin-off will know that it ends pretty conclusively. Everyone dies – literally, everyone. So any talk of a sequel to the critically-praised film pretty much died on our lips as we left the cinema.

And the Star Wars powers that be have confirmed as much, with LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy telling Empire earlier this year that a follow-up was categorically out of the question. That should have been the end of it.

But a report in The Hollywood Reporter has suggested otherwise. The Hollywood publication reports sources as saying that Jones “has one sequel option in her contract”.

It continues: “How it will be used remains a mystery, with speculation surrounding perhaps a young Luke Skywalker stand-alone in the future.”


Of course, one “source” doesn’t really stand up against a conclusive ending and Kennedy’s shutdown on any sequel talk. But we’re going to live in a New Hope that Jyn Erso might just pop up again…