The Hunt’s Damon Lindelof talks potential sequel to controversial film

The film was criticised on Twitter by President Trump

Betty Gilpin in The Hunt (Universal)

The co-writer of controversial horror movie The Hunt has addressed whether it could get a sequel.


Damon Lindelof, whose previous work includes HBO’s The Leftovers and Watchmen, penned The Hunt alongside Nick Cuse.

The film, loosely based on Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game, is about a group of elite liberal people who hunt conservatives for sport.

Originally scheduled for release last September, the film was temporarily shelved after mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, as well as criticism on social media – including from the President himself.

When asked about a possible sequel by Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof said: “Oh my God, it hadn’t even occurred to me. We don’t have the hubris to have had those conversations yet.”

The fate of a potential follow-up would depend on the film’s financial success (or lack thereof), so releasing during the coronavirus outbreak could prove problematic.

However, with a production budget of just $14 million – which is small by Hollywood standards – there is hope it could make a tidy profit.

The Hunt stars Betty Gilpin (GLOW), Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project), Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) and Hilary Swank (Logan Lucky).


The Hunt is in cinemas now.