The “Hunger Gameless” Hunger Games gets the Honest trailer treatment

"Prepare for a slow build up to a climax that won't come until you pay for the next one..."

The “Hunger Gameless” Hunger Games film has been given a the Honest Trailer treatment, and those funny chaps over at Screen Junkies – who like to re-cut trailers to highlight movies’ flaws – haven’t held back.


Mockingjay – Part 1, the third film in the franchise which has “casually redefined the word trilogy”, has been nenamed “Where’s Peeta? – Part 1” in the biting clip. 

“Prepare for a slow build up to a climax that won’t come until you pay for the next one,” says the trailer, adding that the film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Elizabeth Banks, is full of obvious time fillers and “lots and lots of nothing.” 

“Cringe while one of the best supporting casts of all time is squandered on this paper-thin half a movie… and one of the most talented young actresses is squandered in a role that has her put on a frumpy jumpsuit and make two hours worth of cry face…”

We’re big fans of the Hunger Games and reckon there’s a lot more to this movie than J-Law’s tears, but, well, this trailer is rather persuasive… 

This isn’t the first time Screen Junkies have taken on the epic Hunger Games franchise. See what they had to see about the first two films…