The Hobbit: Riddles or Desolation – clues to the third film’s title

Could a flurry of newly-registered domain names have divulged the two options for the title of the second Hobbit sequel?

So now that Peter Jackson has officially announced he’ll be making a third Hobbit movie, the net’s abuzz with speculation about what it might be called. We already know that the first two parts of the (now to be) trilogy will bear the titles An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again, but the name of the final instalment is currently shrouded in mystery…


Or, actually, maybe it isn’t. You see, using the same tried and tested method that revealed Bond 23 would be called SkyfallFusible is predicting that the third Hobbit film is likely to be entitled either The Desolation of Smaug or Riddles in the Dark.

The two possible titles have come to light thanks to the actions of MarkMonitor, the “brand protection” company who manage The Hobbit franchise and who registered the following online domain names on July 27:

And the two potential names won’t seem far out to fans – Riddles in the Dark is the title of a chapter in The Hobbit, while The Desolation of Smaug is the name of the area of land under the influence of the book’s villainous dragon.


Fansite claims there are cases for and against both the titles based on their canonical significance, but which do you think is better? Cast a vote in our poll below and let us know…