The Fugitive to run again in new sequel

There's no word yet, though, as to whether Harrison Ford will reprise his role from the 1993 film

After the revival of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Blade Runner another classic Harrison Ford film is getting a second shot at the big screen – and if you didn’t get enough of ‘man wrongly accused of wife-killing’ from Taken 3 or ITV’s Prey then you’re in luck, because we’re getting another run at The Fugitive with a new sequel reportedly in the works.


The 1993 film based on the classic 60s TV series starred Ford as Dr Richard Kimble, an innocent man on the run, with Tommy Lee Jones (who won an Oscar for his performance) as the implacable US Marshal determined to track him down – at any cost. 

Jones later reprised his role for US Marshals in 1998 (where he tried to track down Wesley Snipes), but as of yet there’s no word as to whether he’ll come back a third time, let alone whether serial role re-visitor Ford, now in his 70s, will be slipping back into his running shoes and wrestling with another one-armed man.


According to Deadline the film will be written by Christina Hodson, with the original film’s producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson also on board.