The first reactions are in for Captain America: Civil War, and they’re amazing

The superhero smackdown was shown to select audiences this weekend


After the muted reaction to Warner Bros’ superhero slugfest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, cinemagoers would be forgiven for being a little nervous about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which shares a very similar premise (heroes fight) with the Zack Snyder epic.


However, it now seems like those fears need never have existed – because select audiences in 25 cities across the US have now seen the Marvel sequel a few weeks ahead of its release, and by all accounts they absolutely loved it.

That said, Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man was also a favourite with viewers, boding well for his possible future solo movies.

And even the “bad” reviews were still pretty good

In summary – we should probably all get very excited about Civil War. If you weren’t already…


Captain America: Civil War will be released in the UK on 29 April