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The evolution of Disney's opening credits logo

From its simple turreted beginnings to the computer-generated fairytale of modern-day Disney classics, watch back every version from the past 30 years...

Published: Thursday, 26th March 2015 at 4:02 pm

The iconic Walt Disney Pictures logo was a staple of my childhood. I can recall nestling in front of the box and pressing play on my trusty VCR (yes, these were the days of video) before the white, turreted fairytale castle materialised on screen.


As the familiar "Walt Disney" scrawled across the screen in sparkling white, I fondly remember the buzz of excitement that preceded a showing of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin.

But ever since the earliest version of Disney's opening credits logo – attached to 1985 flick The Black Cauldron – there have been many twists on the original format, culminating in the magnificent, haunting computer-generated castle that played in cinemas ahead of last year's Into the Woods. 

Thankfully one diligent YouTuber – Ethan Jones – has collated every single variation on the Disney logo since the studio first started messing around with the format for Toy Story in 1995. 

The highlights? There are many. So, so many. From George of the Jungle II's simple swing... 

... to Lilo and Stitch's II's stuttery intro...

Then there's Tron: Legacy's futuristic credits: 

And not forgetting this awesome intro to 2013's Planes: 

For a comprehensive rundown of all 40 of Disney's twists, check out the full video below:



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