Film content on YouTube is much more than simply the latest movie trailers – with countless channels dedicated to reviews, spoof videos, interviews and recommendation lists.


Check out our selection of some of the best…

Screen Junkies

As well as its supremely popular Honest Trailers series, Screen Junkies also offers pop-culture parody and thoughtful commentary on films.


Film 4’s YouTube channel features actors, filmmakers and other industry figures discussing their movies, as well as showing trailers for forthcoming films on its slate.

Black Nerd Comedy

Black Nerd Comedy features movie news, reviews, reactions and recommendations. However its creator Andre is most distinguished for his love of Power Rangers: he’s always up to date on new castings and events and has even interviewed some Power Rangers cast members from the past.

More like this

How It Should Have Ended

Also known as HISHE, this channel is a place for animated parody alternative endings to movies. It’s sure to make you laugh and it has its very own cartoons.

Lindsay Ellis

For hot takes on Disney, Transformers and musicals, vlogger Lindsay Ellis has got it all.


Actors on Actors is a great series by Variety, which sees stars interviewing stars, but the US magazine’s channel also has entertainment news and analysis, behind-the-scenes events footage, panel discussions and awards season coverage.


“No movie is without sin,” reads the description of this channel. “We exist mostly just to remind you of that.” Its Everything Wrong With videos garner millions of views.

Katie Wilson

From fan films and parodies to recommendations and reviews, Katie Wilson's channel has a wide range of content with videos on gaming and TV, too.

Screen Rant

Screen Rant delivers movie and TV news, reviews and in-depth analysis as well as easter egg videos, fan theories, trailer breakdowns and compilations.


For film reviews from famous critic Mark Kermode and interviews with radio presenter Simon Mayo, you’ve come to the right place.

Collider Videos

From movie clips and star interviews to explanation videos, behind-the-scenes access and film reviews, Collider magazine’s YouTube channel has a lot to offer.

Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann does many anime and animated film reviews and, as well as the big releases, discusses non-blockbuster, independent films. He also has a series called Hilariocity for films he deems so atrocious they’re hilarious.


Movie buffs will find plenty to watch here, with Cinefix offering recommendations and film trivia – as well as its popular Homemade series where they make their own low-budget versions of movies and trailers.


Top 10 lists are WatchMojo’s speciality, but their channel also offers biographies, tips, how to’s, reviews and commentary.