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The new Lego Millennium Falcon is the biggest set ever made – and the most expensive

12 parsecs of the Kettle Run not included

Published: Friday, 1st September 2017 at 11:37 am

Thinking the 5,195-piece Star War Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set you bought 10 years ago wasn’t complex enough? Well, for Force Friday II (Star Wars’ merchandise release day) Lego has unveiled a 7,541-brick version of Han Solo’s Corellian freighter – and it's the largest set the toy maker has ever produced.


Unfortunately, the smuggler's transport craft can’t be traded for Republic Credits, but the Falcon is available for a whopping £649.99 from 1st October – that's about 9p per brick.

Why so much? Well firstly because Lego, and secondly due to its number of features: the ship includes swappable deflector dishes (to match either the original trilogy or the more recent Force Awakens variants of the ship), two quad laser canons and detachable panels allowing you to see all areas of the Falcon interior.

And the ship won’t be unoccupied, with the set including 10 figures from the original and new trilogy (Han, C-3PO, Leia, Chewbacca, BB-8, Old Han, Finn, Rey, and two cute new aliens called porgs). You can also spin the heads of the young Han and Leia to give them air respirators a la Empire Strikes Back. What a time to be alive.


The only downside (apart from having to apply for a small loan to cover the cost) is that as it’s so heavy, Lego has had to attach wheels to the box to allow fans to transport the ship home.

But hey, after you’ve finally built it, you – yes you – could look as ecstatic as this proud Falcon owner.


Buy it now, kids!


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