Star Wars has its own behind-the-scenes show on YouTube, and it’s surprisingly good

Exclusive clips and mouse droids are always a good combination


Fan-friendly YouTube videos made by massive corporations are a risky prospect. Be too on-message and you just seem like a whitewashed press release, but get too informal and you come off like a trendy dad trying to get down with the kids.


So we should applaud the new behind-the-scenes series on YouTube just launched by Disney and Lucasfilm, which actually manages to combine Disney PR (“look at our charity work!”) with fun stuff and exclusive content (including exclusive footage from The Force Awakens and an interview with sci-fi/fantasy film director Duncan Jones).

All that, AND a Mouse Droid mascot – plenty of reasons to tune in for the next episode, we think.


Rogue One: A Star Wars story will be released on 16th December