Star Wars’ George Lucas to be honoured at White House

69-year-old filmmaker will receive the National Medal of Arts for his cultural contributions to the US

Star Wars director George Lucas is to receive one of America’s top cultural honours, the National Medal of Arts.


The 69-year-old filmmaker will be honoured at a White House ceremony next week where he will receive the award from President Barack Obama.

The White House said Lucas had been honoured for “combining the art of storytelling with boundless imagination and cutting-edge techniques.

“Mr Lucas has transported us to new worlds and created some of the most beloved and iconic films of all time.”

Estimated to be worth $3.9bn, Lucas is one of the most successful producers and directors in Hollywood history.  Best known for his creation of the Star Wars franchise, which began in 1977 with A New Hope, Lucas is also responsible for the archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones.


In October 2012, he sold his enormous Lucasfilm empire to The Walt Disney Company.